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these are some of my favorite animanga and games.
currently they're all copied and pasted from my listography bc i dont want to write new stuff. ik this page looks blank but it gets full when u open the texts.
tl;dr i love fire punch and u should read it

Fire Punch

thought the whole incest theme was weird as shit but overall really found myself enjoying the story and characters as a whole. the development of angi and whole theme around death was honestly so amazing and i mean REALLY amazing. ive never felt this way about a manga before. when reading from agni and togata's side, i really felt with them that the people of the kingdom should be killed for their treatment or others but as the story progress and doma was introduced that belief fell through the floor in a hot minute. honestly i think it was his introduction into the story that really let it push forward bc his ideals that challenged agni's own was so enthralling. doma really brought out the conflict and insecurity in both agni and togata and i think thats what really sold the story for me,it was such a drastic twist from the usualy shounen manga and felt so realistic in both the characters and world. IT WAS REALLY SO GOOD!!! look honestly PLEASE read this manga even if agni's weird love for his sister puts u off. the themes of the story such as relationships, coping, class systems, death and education were so beautifully written together. i actually immediately drop mangas w incest or anything else weird but bc im a huge fan of tatsuki fujimoto's works, i continued and GOD was it worth it. fujimoto really has this way or writing the most horrible, gross situations and making them into amazing stories that just pull you right in. 10/10 recommend but dont read if ur rlly sensitive bc after i read it i was so fucked up for like a week LOL.


I LOVE SHWY SO MUCH!! since the game isnt translated, u probably wont be interested but i cannot stop playing just for the experience. ive meet a ton of super nice and friendly people through it and always enjoy my time on it! ive been playing since july of 2020 so its been a full year!! woohoo! each character has their own unique design related to the food theyre based off of and all have distinct and loveable personalities. the role you take on as the kongsang young master allows u to meet the food souls on an intimate level as u fight w them throughout the story and grow closer to each. they all have their own backstories u can explore along w the main sotryline, which makes the game endlessly fun bc i love reading character backstories and lore ^_^ once u start rlly getting into the game, u find urself rlly immersed in the plot and characters supporting it. i have nothing to say abt this game bc i love it to death


been playing this game since it came out, stopped for a long while and picked it back up again. gotta say the fandom is not favorable at all but the game is like a dream come true. ive never felt satisfied with any other fantasy type anime styled game so when i played genshin it was soo refreshing. i love the story, the lore, even the small things like currency, religion and each region having their own issues with their archons. each character is unique and likeable in their own way and all fit into the story so well. the game has a way of making you interested in every character you come across, even the NPCs. although the fandom and developers give the game a bad rep, the game itself is exhilarating with it's complex and world bound story. [11.18.21] actually as of now i dont really play that much. i still love the story, game and concept but grinding is really boring especially when all thats going on in the next few updates will just be more inazuma releases.

Tales of (games)

my absolute favorite tales of games have to be the abyss, berseria and vesperia. i honestly wish berseria got an anime instead of zestiria (bc zestiria kinda sucks). like i said abt genshin impact, ive never rlly felt satisfied playing any fantasy rpg anime styled game but the tales of series is one of the best. the characters, stories, lore, all of it is SO GOOD!! i have so many things to say abt tales of the abyss bc its probably my number one fave ;; i dont have the vocabulary to fully describe the extent of my love for the tales of games, but all u need to know is that the main characters development, the world around them and the side characters always make all the mothership games so good. i should probably make separate sections for the 3 dif games but i just love the entirity of the tales of games so all my love goes into 1 section...


ive been into hypmic since probably late 2019/2020 and its been about maybe 1-2 years since then! i found out abt hypmic on youtube when looking for japanese songs to listen to, thats when i stumbled upon "Osaka Dreamin' Night" and ive been hooked ever since. i love the diversity in the characters and their personalities and stories and i especially love the music. i was in my prime 'im so rebel i hate my parents and family and the world' phase around this time so im rlly attached to hypmic bc i grew out of that phase with it ^_^ my absolute favorite characters have to be dice and sasara! (sorry kuko)


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