playing Coloring - Paniyolo
age: 16
gender: male
alignment: INFP
race: asian
nationality: american
religion: animism
sexuality: bi?? idk
birthday: june 30th
height: 5'2
likes: red
hobby: art
reading: skip to loafer
watching: Kieta Hatsukoi live drama
listening: tandem - HALCALI
feeling: tired

short qna

q. why is ur personal art so bad but ur comm and fanart look ok
a. i guess bc for personal art, i dont put a lot of effort in bc im satisfied w my art either way. i just draw what i like.
q. why are u so awkward one-on-one but eccentric in public
a. i get nervous nervous easily, in public its easier to be someone extroverted bc im not talking to anyone in particular
q. why is ur grammar and spelling so bad
a. i use my brain too fast and my hands arent fast enough to catch up
q. how do i become friends with u
a. i have rlly bad trust issues but feel free to shoot me a msg!! its better if u act like we're alrdy friends bc i cant do small talk ^_^
q. what brushes/programs do u use?
a. i use clip studio paint ex and while i mostly use the default brushes, my fav brush from the asset store is UDADA (1759422) and AGGIE (1861216) pen!



jared or cho, yotsu, yoki, tian, mao

hi. im jared. if we aren't close pls call me cho, yotsu, yoki, nagu or any other online alias. i'm south eastern asian, 16, male and i dont find gen z humor funny bc i dont primarily use social media.

i have a hard time reading paragraphs, typing quirks or anything with numbers bc im slow lol. im very shy and tend to only reply to dms with emojis, dry responses or just leaving u on read. this doesnt mean i dont like you, i just dont know how to act around ppl im not close with. i tend to retreat into my shell, freeze up, act coldly or seem standoffish but i really appreciate when people interact with me! i also get embarassed by literally everything i do so i may impulsively delete, private or post something without thinking.

i've always been a kind of shy, reclusive and closed off person but that doesn't mean i'm opposed to making friends. i love talking to people and i love going out, i'm just bad at communicating. i've never been the best at staying in contact with people i care about or voicing how i truly feel, this has always been a flaw of mine that has become a bad habit. i'm also not very good at comforting people and may not say anything because i don't feel i have the right to speak on it or feel ashamed. i'm currently working on bettering myself in these areas!

other than that, i love ugly things! i love things that are considered bad to critics, generally just ugly or weird. my favorite type of media is psychological, action, slice of life and fantasy. i enjoy reading about world lore, world building, character relationships and bonds, development and reactions. in terms of music, i like just about anything. rock, indie, alt, electro. i dont know why i'm like that, i just find enjoyment in a lot of things and i don't really dislike anything in particular when it comes to genres. i read and watch about anything whether it be slice of life, BL, GL, horror, seinen, shoujo.

some of my favorite animanga/games/etc:
Helios:RH , Chainsaw man , Yotsuba&! , Fire Punch , Houseki no Kuni , AAside , Skip to Loafer , 39daph , Elfen Lied , Akatsuki no Yona

characters i relate to/like:
Aki Hayakawa , Mizutani , Cinnabar , Dice Arisugawa , Iwakuri Mitsumi , Sasara Nurude , Faith Beams , Tamaki Yotsuba , Makoto Kurume

me: (ppl i relate to sooo much)
Tamaki Ookawa , Sanada Yuki , Shun Hashimoto , Togata


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