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a personal blog run by a high schooler. there is no theme to my website, just posting as i like.


update log

[12.4.21] updated 2021 art archive
[12.1.21] updated aboutme.html
[11.29.21] added 2021 art archive
[11.21.21] added custom link colors
[11.20.21] editted diary.html so it doesnt look boring -_-;; starting work on friends.html; finished friends.html; updated aboutme.html
[11.19.21] started work on diary.html; finished diary.html; added button
[11.18.21] added interests.html; finished interests.html; finished not_found.html; added friends to nav bar
[11.17.21] shortened mainbox bc its too long and i dont have a lot to say. finished aboutme.html! now working on interests.html
[11.8.21] added blinkies and gifs to aboutme.html
[11.6.21] creation of himenolover. added header, main box, footer.

welcome to himenolover room.

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hi! im Jared and welcome to my website. im an ameateur coder and im not very good when it comes to themes or things like making my page look fancy.

i started this website as a way for me to post about things i like, am interested in, and other stuff because i think sites like carrd and listography are too restricting. i dont have a lot to say most of the time but i love talking about anime, manga and games i enjoy so i thought a good place to put all of my ramblings would be somewhere i wouldnt be embarassed about it.

himenolover is just a phrase i made on a whim, mainly because i love the character himeno from chainsaw man. it could also be interpreted as 'hime no lover' but that sounds weird lol. the site has nothing to do with himeno or even centers around her at all, i just really like himeno (and wished she had more screen time)

im ok with anyone over 13 interacting as long as ur not weird! i dont care for internet stuff as much as someone my age would so idm ^_^

me irl ^

jared's latest post
sorry this website ended up turning into my personal diary haha


>about me
>cat shrine
>oc stories
>2020 art
>2021 art

please do not say anything weird or inappropriate, thank you.